Uses for Brass Fittings

Brass is a preferred metal for fittings because of its durability, versatility, and corrosion resistance. Construction technicians and plumbers prefer brass pipe fittings for transporting water, slurries, chemicals, flammable gases, and other substances without leaking. Brass fittings are available in various shapes and thread sizes to adapt to any liquid or gas pipe application.

Automotive brass fittings include hose ends, air brakes, and fuel lines. Manufacturers also use brass to make refrigerator cooler fittings, compression fittings, ballcock adaptors, and brass hose barb fittings.

Benefits of Brass Fittings

Most people prefer brass fittings because they are safe, durable, and effective. They may be slightly more expensive than fittings made of other materials, but their benefits often outweigh the cost.


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Brass fittings remain in good condition for years, even in constant, heavy use for hot water supply lines. They are a reliable, long-lasting solution that does not easily crack or disintegrate.


Brass fittings are very versatile. They come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, so you are likely to find the best ones for your project. Industrial brass fittings are usually large, while smaller fittings are good for residential use.

The most common types of brass fittings are:

  • Tees
  • Couplings
  • Elbows
  • Adaptors
  • Plugs
  • Unions
  • Wyes

Corrosion Resistance

Brass does not rust or corrode, which allows fittings to last a long time. Rust accelerates the fitting’s natural wear, so choose brass to ensure your fittings do not experience premature wear.


You may need to adjust your fittings to fit into tight or uniquely shaped plumbing locations. Brass is more malleable than steel or iron, so customizing brass fittings is simple.

High-Temperature Resistance

Brass fittings are ideal for transporting hot water because they have just the right amount of thermal conductivity. Because they can withstand higher temperatures than iron or steel fittings, brass fittings can enhance the efficiency of the entire water system.

Brass Fittings from Associated Fastening

Brass fittings are the perfect solution for industrial and residential plumbing needs. The features that make them stand out from other fittings are durability, versatility, corrosion resistance, malleability, and high-temperature resistance.

Associated Fastening Products, Inc. is a premier brass fittings manufacturer and supplier. For over 25 years, our advanced facility and comprehensive quality controls have produced standard and custom brass fittings for OEM clients. Our brass fittings are durable, reliable, and versatile. We use high-quality, certified materials to manufacture tubing, valves, and fittings for residential and industrial applications.

Contact us to learn more about how we can supply brass fittings for your needs.

Brass Fittings Capabilities


Brass Fittings


45° Flare Fittings
Compression Fittings
Poly-Grasp “Brass” Fitting For Poly Tubing
Brass Pipe Fittings
Nylon Pipe Fitting
Brass Garden Hose Fitting
Brass/Nylon Barb Fittings
Hose Ball Barb Brass Fitting – Single Ball Barb Type
Poly-Hold Brass Fittings
Welding Multi-Barb – Brass Hose Gas

P.O.L. Brass Fittings For Bottled Bass
Inverted Flare Brass Fittings
Compression Brass Fitting For Air Brakes
Air Brakes Brass Fittings Or ‘Copper Tube’
Inserts For Plastic Tubing
Truck Air Brake Reusable Hose Brass Fittings
Air Accessories Dot Brass Fittings
Steel Heater Fittings
Steel Brake Lines
Hydraulic Grease Fittings


Brass Air Cocks 80 Psi Satin Finish
Brass Truck Valve / Oil Tank Valves
Needle Valves Compression
Ball Valves
Brass Shut-Off Cocks Compression / Flared

Brass Pipe Shut-Off Valves
Brass Drain Cocks / Automotive – Industrial
Truck Air Brake Drain & Shut-Off Cocks Brass
Brass & Steel Truck Heater Valves
Brass Saddle Tank Truck Valves


Soft Automotive Copper Tubing
Soft Refrigeration Copper Tubing
Soft Truck Air Brake Copper Tubing

Soft Aluminum Tubing
Steel Brake Tubing
Plastic Tubing – Nylon / Polyethylene / Vinyl


Stay Put Hose
General Purpose 2 Ply Red Cover Rubber Hose
Air Brake Hose

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