At Associated Fastening, we are committed to providing high-quality custom fasteners and components for a variety of industries. We were approached by a new client with a request for a custom magnetic pole piece for use in the automotive industry. This project required us to work with 1045 steel—a challenging material at times, which was a perfect fit for us given our extensive history of manufacturing custom fasteners and components out of difficult materials.

This magnetic pole piece required a lot of trial and error throughout the design and manufacturing phases. We began by first developing the AutoCAD file to be able to guarantee that the client’s exact specifications and standards would be met. After the AutoCAD file was completed and approved, our design engineers began identifying the best fabrication methods for the design while our quality assurance verified the design. Our engineers determined that screw machining would be an ideal fit for the project, followed by several secondary processes to achieve the required black and zinc finish the client expected.

When presented with the magnetic pole piece, our client was highly satisfied with what we were able to achieve. They were especially pleased that we went out of our way to ensure that all related parties were happy with the piece.

This project, like all of our projects, was successful thanks to our skilled design engineers and quality experts who continually ensure that we are supplying only the highest quality parts and components on every order. Our team’s expertise has allowed us to continuously overcome challenging projects, such as working with fulfilling the customers request to have magnetized parts.

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