Associated Fastening Products, Inc. offers standard and special cable ties, made domestically as well as imported. Our specialty product line offers a wide range of your everyday cable ties and mountings to custom one of kind parts to fit your specific needs.

We carry in low packaged quantities of 100 up to 1000 packs and are available to ship quickly! We offer miniature, intermediate, standard, heavy and extra heavy duty ties. We specialize in natural as well as UV treated cable ties for your outdoor needs.

We also sell beaded ties, specialty colored ties, identification ties as well as double loop.

Associated Fastening Products, Inc. also offers a large variety of Mil-Spec Cable ties, in UV as well as natural. At Associated Fastening Products we are happy to work with you to provide you with the best part that we can supply you for your specific needs.

Our capabilities allow customers to have a product that specifically fits their needs. Some of our industries we supply include automotive, medical, and industrial.

For more information on our cable ties and mounting products please see the table below or contact us directly.

Cable Ties & Mounting Products

At Associated Fastening Products, Inc., we offer extensive custom-marked cable ties, heavy duty zip ties, and many other mounting products, both domestically made and imported. With low packaged quantities of between 100 and 1,000 packs, our products are ready for quick shipment. We offer extra heavy, heavy, standard, intermediate, and miniature custom duty marked zip ties to meet a range of needs. Associated Fastening Products, Inc. takes great pride in the innovation, design, and quality of our products and offers you a 100% guarantee.

We also sell custom cable ties, heavy duty zip ties, specialty-colored ties, beaded zip ties, double loops, and identification ties. With our wide range of cable tie products, we’re confident that we have what you need no matter what your project or installation requires.

Types of Custom Cable Ties & Mounting Products

Our custom cable ties and mounting products include:

Standard Zip Ties

Standard zip or cable ties are one of the most popular zip ties in the market. They are reliable, weather-resistant, and offer consistent performance whenever used. Standard zip ties are an all-around solution ideal for a very wide variety of industry applications, cable management, and wire building.

Custom Cable Ties

We have a wide selection of custom-made cable ties to ensure we meet all our client’s specific application needs. They include mounting hole cable ties that secure wires to panels, color cable ties for coding, and releasable cable ties for circumstances needing temporary bundling

Marked Cable Ties

When you have a lot of cables in your project, identification can be challenging. Cable identification ties and tags make it easy to identify and bundle various wires, cables, and assemblies. We have a variety of tags, flags, and identification methods that are ideal for jobs needing serial numbers, logos, images, or any important identification text.

Heavy Duty Zip Ties

You can use these ties to keep your automotive cables untangled and prevent wiring knots for optimal organization. Heavy duty zip ties are made from durable nylon materials, can hold at least 120 lbs, and can stay together even when used in harsh conditions. This enables you to harness thicker tubing, hoses, and wires for various applications.

Mounts and Mounting Bases

Cable tie mounts and mounting bases are versatile, durable, and effective wire management mounting products used in routing and securing cables and wires in place. Mounts and mounting bases are available in many configurations for adherence on mounting surfaces and are easy to install.

Our most popular mount and mounting bases feature a square shape with a rubber-backed mounting adhesive and a screw hole at the center of the base. For applications exposed to higher temperatures or requiring more holding power, we recommend an acrylic-backed base.

How Custom Zip Ties and Cable Ties are Made?  

We manufacture zip ties using a cyclical injection molding method, which involves the use of two sets of molds: one containing a self-locking head mechanism known as a ratchet, and the other one containing a cable tie tip that slides into the ratchet. During this process, melted resins are injected into the mold through a gate or single opening until it fills the impressions. After the molten plastic hardens in the impressions, we remove the formed and now complete cable ties.  

Materials Used for Custom Cable Ties, Zip Ties & Mounting Products  

Material is a crucial specification when choosing a cable tie. The material should feature the appropriate strength for the application and be compatible with the cable to avoid damage, excessive wear, or corrosion.  

When choosing the right cable tie for your needs, the material choice should play a key role. Our cable ties, zip ties, and mounting products come in a range of durable materials, including: 

  • Nylon 
  • Polypropylene 
  • Low-density polyethylene 
  • 304 and 316 stainless steel
  • Aluminum 
  • Cloth 
  • PTFE 
  • PVC 

Application and Industries We Serve  

Cable ties and zip ties are used in extensive applications throughout electronics, marine equipment, automobiles, manufacturing, offices, households, and more. We can provide zip ties in a wide range of types and sizes to meet various application requirements. For example, we offer stainless steel zip ties for applications that must withstand exposure to acids, salts, and chemicals.  

Common industries that utilize our zip tie and cable tie solutions include:  

  • Aerospace 
  • OEM 
  • Automotive 
  • Transportation 
  • Medical 
  • Industrial 

Cable Ties & Mounting Products Specifications


Wire Sizes Range from 3/64″ to 2″ in diameter up to 100″ in length


Natural Nylon
UV Black Nylon

More options available

Tie Colors

UV Black

Fluorescent Blue
Fluorescent Green
Fluorescent Orange
Fluorescent Pink
Fluorescent Yellow


Quality Assurance
Tensile Testing



Quality Assurance

ISO 9001:2008 Registered
QS 14000 Compliant
Lot Traceable

Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Quality Records

Documentation / Certifications

Certificate of Conformance (C of C)
First Articles

USA Manufactured

Additional Services

Special Packaging

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Production Volume

Production Manufacturing
1 to 1,000,000’s

Lead Time

Short Lead Times
Hot Rush Orders Available
Standard items in stock
Importing Containers Available

On Time Deliveries
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Drop Shipments

Additional Information

Industry Focus


Intended Applications


Industry Standards


Industrial Fastener Institute (IFI)
Mid-West Fastener Association (MWFA)

File Formats

Bit Mapped Graphics (BMP)
Catia (CATDrawing, CATPart)
Delcam (DGK, DMT)
Drawing Exchange Format (DXF)
Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)
Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES, ANSI)
Inventor (IDW, IPT)

Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPG, JPEG)
MasterCam (MDX, MC8, MC9, SET)
Portable Document Format (PDF)
Pro-E or Pro/Engineer (DRW, PRT, XPR)
3D ACIS Model File

Why Choose Associated Fastening Products Inc.?

Cable ties and zip ties are used extensively across various industries and can come in many configurations to meet different application requirements. At Associated Fastening Products, we can work with our customers to determine the ideal cable tie solution to fit their needs. To learn more about our capabilities, or to get started on your custom zip tie solution, contact us today.

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