We are building on 25 years as a full line supplier of standard and custom fasteners at Associated Fastening Products, Inc. Our fasteners cover a wide variety of types, including inserts, locknuts, standard and specialty fasteners, and many others. We hold a wide scope of state-of-the-art machinery to create parts of various dimensions for a wide range of applications. These include parts with specialized designs, including the all-purpose hook illustrated in the project you see here.

Our customer needed a screw eye stainless steel hook in an unconventionally large size. The hook also needed to have an extra high level of brightness. Our team of experts fully engineered and designed this product according to our customer’s exact specifications. The hook was fabricated from stainless steel using wire forming. The dimensional requirements are what made this project especially challenging. The hook needed to be manufactured with a 4-7/8″ screw eye and 3/8-9 thread. We completed fabrication in a timely and accurate manner, forming the hook to tolerances of ± 0.005″. In order to achieve the brightness required by the customer, we applied a walnut brightening operation.

At Associated Fastening Products, we take quality very seriously. After manufacturing was complete, we ensured that the steel hook meet all customer specifications. It also needed to meet the standards of ANSI spec B18.6.1. We finished all aspects of this operation, from design to full production and delivery, within a timeframe of just four weeks. The all-purpose hook met all the necessary standards, and our customer was very pleased with the product. We now produce 80,000 of these hooks annually for this customer, delivering them to clients all over the USA.

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