At Associated Fastening Products, Inc., we produce a vast array of fasteners and related products. Our standard and custom designed fasteners have included screw machine parts, cold headed fasteners, nylon insert locknuts, and a whole host of screws, drill bits, and fittings. While many projects dictate large production runs of a single type of parts, some require fasteners of all different kinds. This is what occurs when we fabricate hardware kits.

We were contacted by a customer in the agriculture industry to manufacture, assemble, and bag hardware kits with custom designed fastening products. The contents of the hardware kits included wire formed parts, cable ties, standard fasteners, and screw machined items. The components were manufactured using a wide range of processes, including wire forming and custom machining. All custom manufactured parts were composed of high-quality grade 5 steel and were constructed to tightest tolerances of ± 0.010. After construction, each steel part was custom finished with a heat stamped kit number, barcode, revision level, and date.

The kits were then assembled and inserted into a 4 mil 6 x 8 polybag using our Autobag AB-180 bagging machine. We accomplished this building and bagging project with an excellent turnaround time; all aspects of production, from design to manufacture and bagging, were completed within four weeks. Our customer was pleased with our work on this project, and entrusted us to manufacture 133,750 of these hardware kits per year.

This hardware project perfectly exemplified our capabilities of performing precision, one-stop manufacturing projects at a very high volume. To find out more about these hardware kits, or to learn how we can put our high-quality fabrication services to work for you, please contact us directly.