At Associated Fastening, we offer security fasteners for a variety of industries and applications. Once secured, our security fasteners cannot be removed without the proper tool or piece of equipment, making them perfect for applications that demand a tamper-proof connection. Our security fasteners are available in sheet metal, machine screw threads, or your own custom print. We can manufacture security fasteners of any length, and we guarantee tight tolerances on all of our products.

Benefits of Security Fasteners

The primary benefit of using security fasteners over standard fasteners is complete control of its installation and removal. After installation, security fasteners can only be removed using the corresponding key, which prevents those with unauthorized access from interfering with or vandalizing it. If used on a job site, security fasteners can secure both temporary and permanent structures, infallibly inhibiting those without permission from entering restricted areas. When included in a product, they protect both the product and those who use it since the product will always function as the manufacturer intended.

Another key benefit of utilizing security fasteners is that they can safeguard trade secrets and protect manufacturer warranties, which is especially beneficial for the electronics industry. Security fasteners are particularly useful by gatekeeping aspects of a product—such as its delicate innards—with which a customer shouldn’t be able to meddle. Competitors of the product also won’t be able to easily break it down and learn valuable trade secrets without damaging the product, which helps prevent a company’s specialized knowledge from becoming publicly known.

Industries and Applications of Security Fasteners

Ideal for any application that mandates unerring, tamper-proof attachment, security fasteners are most commonly used in situations where a company must be the only entity to have access to the product, component, or location being secured. All industries can employ security fasteners; however, some of them, such as the automotive industry, electronics industry, and retail industry, are exceptionally well positioned to take advantage of the unique benefits they offer.

Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, security fasteners are used to permanently fasten internal components such as the engine and transmission to dissuade purchasers of the vehicle from modifying it in an unapproved manner, which could result in injury or worse for the driver of the vehicle. Security fasteners are also used to facilitate protective measures such as seatbelts and airbags in the cabs of most vehicles.

Electronics Industry

The electronics industry makes extensive use of security fasteners. Utility companies use them to prevent their customers from interacting with electrical panels and meters that could potentially cause harm or cost thousands of dollars in damage. Manufacturers of electronics components utilize security fasteners as an affordable means of protecting their proprietary knowledge from prying hands and eyes.

Retail Industry

Security fasteners are a cost-effective security measure that the retail industry can use to prevent theft of their products. Because stores and shops are prime candidates for theft and vandalism, retail owners have ample reasoning to employ tamper-proof fasteners that guarantee no one but themselves can access their valuable property and products. Of the available options for securing retail stores and shops, security fasteners are one of the most cost-effective yet high-performance choices.

Security Fasteners From Associated Fastening Products, Inc.

At Associated Fastening, we can accommodate both long and short production runs while adhering to special requests regarding packaging, stocking, and more. We manufacture our safety fasteners out of the highest quality materials to ensure our customers receive an effective and reliable product.

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