A thriving agricultural industry is essential to a flourishing economy, which is why Associated Fastening Products, Inc. is here to supply customers in the industry with the top-quality parts they need. We offer a wide array of products to keep heavy machinery and other types of equipment functioning the way it should—with optimal efficiency and minimal downtime. 

Our product portfolio includes a variety of O-rings and fasteners commonly used for many agricultural applications. Here we’ll review some of these products and how our customers use them in agriculture and farming.

O-Rings Overview

An O-ring is a type of mechanical gasket that provides fluid-resistant sealing for pipes and other tubing systems. O-rings are positioned in the channel or groove between two separate static or dynamic parts. As the name implies, O-rings feature a round design with a hole in the middle to create a liquid-tight seal between two varied components. 

O-rings closely resemble standard gaskets, but O-rings can handle industrial applications that involve elements such as extreme temperatures, high pressures, and corrosive substances. Because of their ease of installation, affordability, and reliability, agriculture and many other industries use them to prevent fluid leakage and flow in machinery. 

Types of O-Rings Used in the Agricultural Industry

Considering the number of materials available, it can be challenging to determine which O-ring is the most appropriate for a given application. Available options include:

Nitrile O-rings

Nitrile O-rings, also known as Buna-N O-rings, create tear-resistant seals and hold up to abrasive treatment. They are compatible with applications that use water, certain types of hydraulic fluids, and petroleum oil products.

Viton® O-rings

Viton O-rings work well with various substances such as silicone fluids, acids, vegetable oils, petroleum oils, gases, and certain halogenated hydrocarbons. They’re versatile and suitable for many applications across a wide range of industries. With a broad temperature operating range and good age resistance, Viton O-rings offer an excellent solution for outdoor agricultural equipment. 

Silicone O-rings

Silicone O-rings perform well in applications involving water, petroleum oils, and steam. With excellent resistances to animal and vegetable fats and oils, a broad temperature range, and good resistance to UV rays, silicone O-rings have broad applications in agriculture and farming. Lower tensile strength and tear resistance make silicone better for static applications.

FEP O-rings

Encapsulated FEP O-rings are made from either fluorocarbon or silicone with an added FEP jacket. They increase sealing strength due to their low friction, favorable elastic properties, and good chemical resistance.

PFA O-rings

PFA O-rings are encapsulated with a PFA jacket. FEP O-rings feature excellent heat resistance in applications involving temperatures exceeding 205°C. PFA also offers increased chemical resistance as a result of its seamless design.

Types of Fasteners in Agriculture

The agriculture sector relies on a variety of fastener types, such as:

  • Indented hex screws. These are the most convenient permanent fasteners available, generating more natural torque for increased ease of installation.
  • Rivets. A permanent fastener, rivets require a drilled hole in the installation surface. Once placed in the hole, the tail of the rivet expands to secure it.
  • J-bolts. These highly durable mechanical fasteners are compatible with concrete and other types of heavy materials.
  • Pivot pins. When building any kind of simple pen or temporary installation, pivot pins provide easy fastening capabilities. They feature a simple removable plunger on the top, facilitating easy removal of the pin.

Agriculture and Farming Solutions From Associated Fastening

At Associated Fastening Products, Inc., we’ve been providing reliable sealing and fastening solutions to farming and agriculture businesses for more than 30 years. We offer a broad portfolio of fasteners and related solutions to meet the needs of the agricultural sector. For assistance identifying the best O-rings, bushings, fittings, or fasteners for your needs, please contact us today.